We had a very productive and enjoyable first project meeting with some of our partners who work across Newcastle helping people with debt and money matters.

Dr James Ash began the workshop by introducing the project and the research objectives. This prompted a discussion between participants about what aspects of the research really interested their organisations and how the research linked to pertinent issues and challenges experienced by their clients. We then heard from each representative about the work they do and who their clients are. This stimulated discussion around people’s everyday practices and experiences of credit, debt and money, with a particular emphasis on the role of digital devices. We heard a lot about people’s skills in ‘juggling money’, managing tight budgets from one week to the next, and the tactics they employ when managing different types of credit. This prompted some talk around the changes to Universal Credit and how this might affect how people manage their money. To round off the event, we reflected on common interests and experiences across the represented organisations and our next steps.

A successful project workshop – credit, debt and digital devices
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