These are just some of the money and debt management resources available online.

Budget Builder: an interactive online budgeting tool from the Money Charity.

Budget planner: to track finances month by month from the Debt Advice Foundation.

Debt Analyser: a debt assessment tool from the Debt Advice Foundation that produces a personal debt plan detailing how long it will take to pay back unsecured debts and provides advice on negotiating with unsecured creditors to reduce repayments.

Debt Remedy: online debt advice from StepChange Debt Charity which provides a personal action plan to help manage debts.

Money Manual: a downloadable guide to personal financial matters, including budgeting, dealing with debt, understanding different financial products, savings advice and information on pensions. This is produced by the Money Charity. Hard copies can be ordered for a small fee.

Payday loan affordability complaint template letter: free to download from Debt Camel, this resource will help you to make an affordability complaint to any UK payday lender.

Turn2us Benefits Calculator and Grants Search: tools which can be used to identify sources of financial support in the form of benefits or grants.